Webinar: Fast Pub/Sub Messaging and CQ in .NET Apps

Presenter: Ron Hussain and Nick Zulfiqar

This Webinar demonstrates powerful Pub/Sub messaging and Continuous Query (CQ) events for .NET applications while maintaining high performance and scalability. NCache is an extremely fast and scalable distributed cache for .NET applications that provides rich set of Pub/Sub Messaging and Continuous Query events features.

One of our senior solution architects will walk you through these features, use cases and hands on examples so that you can incorporate them in your .NET application. You can expect to learn:

  • Introduction to Pub/Sub and Continuous Query
  • Understanding NCache Messaging features and use cases
  • Setting up Pub/Sub in NCache
  • Setting up Continuous Query and events subscription
  • Hands-on demonstration throughout using NCache
  • NCache High availability and scalability for Pub/Sub and Continuous Query

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