Using .NET Caching in EF Core thru Extension Methods

Recorded webinar
Ron Hussain and Nick Zulfiqar

Entity Framework (EF) Core is the new cross-platform and light-weight version of the popular Entity Framework from Microsoft. EF Core is an object-relational mapping engine for .NET that eliminates the need for most of the data-access code that developers otherwise write.

EF Core is increasingly being used in high transaction server applications (ASP.NET, WCF, and other .NET server apps). And, these applications need scalability to handle large amount of user requests without slowing down. But, database becomes a bottleneck and distributed caching must be used to eliminate this bottleneck.

Learn how to use distributed cache like NCache in your EF Core applications for removing database scalability bottlenecks.

This webinar will cover (including hands-on source examples:

  • Introduction to EF Core and its new features (Model, Query, Saving Data)
  • Database scalability bottlenecks in EF Core and how distributed cache resolves them
  • Various options of using NCache in EF Core (Direct APIs and EF Core Extension methods)
  • Details of using EF Core Extension Methods for Caching
  • How to handle caching of Collections and Relationships for reference and transactional data?
  • Some important features of a good distributed cache like NCache

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