Scaling .NET Core Apps to Extreme Performance

.NET Core and ASP.NET Core are gaining popularity due to their simplicity of design and lightweight, being open source, and being able to run on both Windows and Linux. As a result, many existing applications are also moving to .NET Core from .NET Framework. And, almost all the new applications are being developed in .NET Core.

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And, many of these .NET Core applications are high traffic in nature and serving millions of users or transactions. As a result, these applications have a huge impact on your business and are therefore very important. At the same time, these applications are facing performance and scalability bottlenecks that are detrimental for your business.

Learn how to use NCache distributed caching in your .NET Core applications for removing performance and scalability bottlenecks. This whitepaper covers (including source code examples):

  • Which .NET Core applications face performance bottlenecks
  • What are the different performance bottlenecks
  • Introduction to distributed caching and why use it
  • Various ways of using distributed caching in .NET Core apps

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