TierDeveloper 6.1 Features

TierDeveloper is a Code Generation tool having features of template based code generation that enables you to generate business and data access objects. Below are some features of TierDeveloper 6.0 Have a look at them below:

Object Mapping Features

  • Filtered Object Inheritance
  • Map stored procedures to objects (New)


  • Map to a single table or multiple tables
  • Map to a view (read-only or in update mode)
  • Define unmapped objects and create tables for them automatically
  • Support for auto-generated keys (Identity keys and sequenced values)
  • Select subset of table-columns as object attributes
  • Support for formula (computed) fields in objects
  • Support for NULL values (IsNull and SetNull)
  • Name object attributes different from table-columns
  • Support all the data types in target language including BLOB
  • Data validation on attributes provided including range-checking, greater than, or less than checking
  • Extendible field validation framework. Add your own custom field validation logic
  • Required and optional field checking
  • Save an object only if it is "dirty" (meaning data is changed in it)
  • Serialization support for all objects

App GUI Designer Features (ASP.NET & Windows Forms)

  • App GUI Wizard (New)
  • Forms Designer
  • List Pages Designer
  • Ad Hoc Search Page Designer
  • Menu Designer

Transaction Support

  • Specify insert, update, delete, and single-row select operations
  • Specify multiple insert and single-row update operations
  • Specify bulk updates and deletes with custom where-clause
  • Specify transactional characteristics of objects for COM+
  • Full transaction support for non-COM+ components in a parent-child relationship
  • Non-COM+ components can also be part of client initiated transactions
  • Transaction isolation levels for each object


  • Query Timeout
  • Specify joins
  • Select subset of object attributes for retrieval
  • Specify custom where-clause with nested queries, UNIONs, and others
  • Accept run-time parameters
  • Return a collection of objects as the output of query
  • Support GetCount and GetPartialRows behavior in queries
  • Support SELECT DISTINCT on queries
  • Return Typed DataSets as query results
  • Automatically create queries based on indexes

Dynamic Queries

  • Same as normal queries but with following additional features:
    • Specify where-clause at run-time
    • Output of dynamic query is a collection of objects (just like normal queries)


  • Re-architected support for 1-1, 1-n, and m-n relationships
  • Added support for m-n relationships (thru a bridge table)
  • Parent-child relationships support for 1-1, 1-n, and m-n
  • Lazy loading of related objects in a relationships
  • Cascaded updates and deletes for all relationships provided
  • Automatically create relationships between objects

Parent/Child Relationships

  • In case of 1-1, 1-n, and m-n specify a parent-child characteristic
  • Parent object updates or deletes children as part of one transaction
  • Parent object loads all children

Stored Procedure Calls Relationships

  • Define methods in objects as calls to stored procedures
  • Specify input, input/output, and output parameters
  • Accept cursors as output of stored procedures
  • Use it when a stored procedure has complex business rules
  • Generate T-SQL stored procedures for all SQL used in objects
  • Generate CLR stored procedures for all SQL used in objects
  • TierDeveloper does this automatically and then generates objects code so it is calling these stored procedures
  • Improves performance
  • Use package syntax for generated Oracle stored procedures

Custom Hooks (safe code)

  • Write custom hooks to be called by the generated code from within the methods of objects
  • Custom hooks kept separate so objects code can be regenerated
  • Generate skeletons and a test application for custom code to make it easy for you to write custom code and test it independently

Typed Datasets

  • Support for Typed DataSets for all objects
  • Generate .xsd files for all objects and define relationships in them as well

.NET Remoting Services

  • Select one of more objects and one or more methods in them and generate web services for them
  • Generates a Windows Forms remote client application
  • TierDeveloper support RPC-style web services

Code Generation

  • Support for Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.0/3.5 (New)
  • Support for Microsoft Enterprise Library Security Application Block (New)
  • Support for WCF (New)
  • .NET Remoting App
  • Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms application
  • Now you can generate code through TierDeveloper that supports .Net Nullable types
  • Complete re-architected template-based code generation engine
  • Code templates based on JavaScript language and are customizable
  • Customize names for classes, methods, and properties
  • Generate .NET components in C# and VB.NET
  • Generate either COM+ or non-GAC code
  • Generate updatable Datasets
  • Build .NET components as private or shared assemblies

WEB App Generation

  • Ajax Support
  • Generate a fully-working web application
  • Web app contains pages to test each and every object behavior
  • Generate web app with or without XML/XSLT

Schema Level View

  • Quickly view object mappings against all tables in the schema
  • Instantly view overlaps in objects on table-mapping
  • Easily see which tables haven't been mapped
  • Makes object design work very easy

SQL Query Tool

  • Quick compile and run SQL before committing it to objects
  • Invoke SQL Query Tool from query definition and stored procedure definition windows
  • Output of the SQL shown in a multi-column list in bottom window

Generate Design Docs

  • Generate meaningful design docs in HTML for generated objects
  • Easily update design docs whenever you change objects

Database Servers

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 (New)
  • Oracle 8i/9i/10g
  • IBM DB2 7.x, 8.1
  • MS Access 2000 or later
  • .NET code uses OleDb, SqlClient, and Oracle Client for database access

New TierDeveloper GUI

  • Completely redesigned GUI for TierDeveloper (consistent with VS.NET)
  • Stand-Alone and VS.NET integrated versions have identical GUIs

ASP.NET and Windows Forms

  • Completely redesigned and easier-to-use GUI for generated ASP.NET app
  • Support for Windows Forms application generation with a nice GUI layout
  • Customize GUI layout for ASP.NET and Windows Forms apps
  • GUI layout customization from within VS.NET and/or XML file
  • Use drop-down controls with lookup values on forms
  • Re-arrange fields on the form, change their sizes, change labels, and more
  • Customize layout of list pages. Re-arrange column order, width, and titles
  • 1-1, 1-n, and m-n relationships supported in forms and lists
  • Support of partial classes

SQL Server Optimization

  • Generate SQL API based object code
  • Use Windows authentication for security

Oracle Optimization

  • Generate Oracle Native Data Provider based object code


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