What's new in TierDeveloper 6.1?

For a comprehensive list of ALL FEATURES in 6.1, please read TierDeveloper Features

Support for Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.0/3.5

If user opts to generate the code for .Net Framework 3.0/3.5, code is generated for Visual Studio 2008 for later versions.

Support for SQL Server 2008

Users will be able to connect to SQL Server 2008 databases.

Support for Microsoft Enterprise Library Security Application Block

Users can use Role-Based Authorization in their Factory methods. TierDeveloper uses Microsoft Enterprise Library Security Application Block along with Policy Injection block for security.

Support for WCF

Support for WCF is included in TierDeveloper 6.0. TierDeveloper generates:

  1. WCF Business Services for components. (Class Library)
  2. Host Application (Console)
  3. Proxies for Services (Class Library)

Map stored procedures to objects

Map the output of a stored procedure call to an object. Then, when the stored procedure is called, it returns a collection of the mapped objects. This way, you can use objects for all your database interaction.

App GUI Wizard

Quickly specify the GUI of your application through an easy to use wizard. Wizard lets you select how many forms, list pages, ad hoc search pages you want and which objects they should be mapped to. It also lets you specify the menu of your application and a login page. Wizard then lets you generate either ASP.NET or Windows Forms application. This is the fastest way of generating a custom app GUI.

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