Class CacheEventArg

  • public class CacheEventArg
    extends EventArg
    This object is received when an event is raised and listener CacheDataModificationListener is executed CacheEventArg contains necessary information to identify the event and perform necessary actions accordingly. It inherits EventArg. This class is consistent for both selective and general events
    • Method Detail

      • getDescriptor

        public final CacheEventDescriptor getDescriptor()
        Only applicable for general events otherwise it will be null.
        The descriptor associated with the cache event args.
      • getCacheItemRemovedReason

        public final com.alachisoft.ncache.client.internal.caching.CacheItemRemovedReason getCacheItemRemovedReason()
        Only applicable for EventType.ItemRemove Otherwise default value is DependencyChanged.
        The CacheItemRemovedReason enum.