Class ExtensibleDependency

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    public abstract class ExtensibleDependency
    extends CacheDependency
    ExtensibleDependency is an abstract class extended if Custom dependency is required.
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtensibleDependency

        public ExtensibleDependency()
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      • initialize

        public abstract boolean initialize()
        Initializes the ExtensibleDependency.
        True if initialization is successful otherwise false.
      • hasChanged

        public abstract boolean hasChanged()
        hasChanged method is set true if item is updated and it also needs to be updated in the cache.
        True if item also needs to be updated in cache otherwise false.
      • getDependencies

        public final java.util.List<CacheDependency> getDependencies()
        Contains the List of Dependencies for the Cache Item.
        getDependencies in class CacheDependency
        The list of dependencies associated with the cache item.