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QueryCommand - Class in com.alachisoft.ncache.client
Class to hold query text and values.
QueryCommand(String) - Constructor for class com.alachisoft.ncache.client.QueryCommand
Initialized new instance of QueryCommand.
QueryDataModificationListener - Interface in com.alachisoft.ncache.client
User has to implement this interface in order to receive Continuous query events.
QueryDataModified - Class in com.alachisoft.ncache.client.util
QueryDataModified(QueryDataModificationListener) - Constructor for class com.alachisoft.ncache.client.util.QueryDataModified
QueryIndexable - Annotation Type in com.alachisoft.ncache.client
Indicates that dynamic query indexes be created on all supported fields and properties of this class.
QueryIndexed - Annotation Type in com.alachisoft.ncache.client
Indicates that a dynamic query index be created on the field or property of the class.
Queue - com.alachisoft.ncache.runtime.caching.DistributedDataStructure
For distributed queue.
Queue - com.alachisoft.ncache.runtime.datasourceprovider.DistributedDataStructureType
For distributed queue.
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