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Cache Size

Through this configuration option, you can specify an upper limit on the size of the cache in MB. The number of items in the cache are limited by maximum size of the cache and amount of free system memory (virtual or physical). If some eviction policy is specified, whenever total data size in cache reaches maximum size or when less than 10% of memory is left in the system, items are removed from the cache as per eviction policy. Maximum size of a cache can be specified by one of following two ways.
Using NCache manager
Default cache size is 1024 MB but it can be changed in following way using NCache Manager:
  • Click on the cache name in Cache Explorer to open the cache settings.
  • Go to the Main tab.
  • Change the Cache Max. Size according to your requirements.
  • Right click on the cache in Cache Explorer and select the Apply Configuration option.
Using Command Line Tool
The size of the cache is also specified at the time of creating cache using S option in the definition using command line tool as follows.
  • Open command prompt.
  • Go to the NCache tools directory: cd %NCHOME%/bin/tools
  • Use createcache.exe, provide the required information: 
createcache.exe Cache /s test1 /S 1024
  • Press ENTER, it will create Cache of local topology of size 1024MB on test1 node. Here, instead of 1024, any size can be mentioned.
Through config.ncconf
You can specify the cache max. size through Config.ncconf as follows.
<cache-config name="mypartitionedcache" inproc="False" config-id="1" last-modified="6/20/2010 3:50:34 PM">
  <storage type="heap" cache-size="1024mb"/>
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