NCache Support

Free Pre-Sale Support


Free 30-Day Trial (Extendable): take your time to evaluate NCache. We can extend the trial for up to 120 days if needed.


NCache Architecture Demo: quickly covers common uses, architecture, major features, and deployment possibilities for NCache. Very useful for a quick start.


Tech Hand Holding: helps you quickly set up and configure NCache in various environments.


NCache Deployment Architecture: we review your application and recommend NCache features and deployment architecture.


NCache Capacity Planning: we help you figure out NCache deployment capacity based on your application’s transaction loads and performance goals.


Email/Phone Support: we are here to answer questions or do hand-holding in setting up and using NCache.

Please contact us as follows:

NCache Customers

"Annual Maintenance and Support" includes Regular Support and "Annual Maintenance" and is included in the Annual Subscription License purchase but is purchased additionally with the Perpetual License purchased. 24x7 Support is optional and always purchased separately.

Regular Support

Regular Support is available during regular office hours:

  • Hours: 7 am - 5 pm US Eastern, Monday through Friday (except US holidays)
  • Support Email:

You must send an email to our technical support team with details of your problems and your contact information. NCache Technical Support team will respond via email or phone in a timely fashion depending on the nature of the issue at hand and try to resolve your issue as fast as possible.

If your issue is caused by a bug in NCache, then NCache Technical Support will try to help you find a workaround to this issue until this bug is fixed and released. This bug fix will be released either in the next Public Service Pack or in the case of a critical bug and for NCache Enterprise, a Private Service Pack may be released specially for you.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support is available only to NCache Enterprise customers and is purchased separately.

  • Hours: 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Support Email:
  • Off-hours Phone Number (US): provided to you by Alachisoft
  • SLA: 1-hour

Before you call the off-hours support number, you must send an email to us with details of your problems and your contact information. Then, when you call the off-hours number, somebody will call you back within 1 hour (1 hour SLA).

24x7 Support is available only for production-related issues or other similar high-urgency issues that cannot wait until the next business day without considerable harm to your business. All other inquiries and issues are handled through Regular Support.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance includes the following throughout the entire year:

  • Free upgrades to major new versions
  • Public service packs provided (for both NCache Enterprise & Professional)
  • Private service packs provided (for NCache Enterprise only) containing critical bugs fixed specific to you

Public service packs (through self-help) are also available to customers with perpetual licenses whose Annual Maintenance and Support has expired.

NCache Open Source

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