What is NCache?

NCache is a 100% native .NET Open Source Distributed Cache. Remove your database and data storage bottlenecks by caching data in NCache and linearly scaling your .NET applications. Also store ASP.NET Session State and View State in NCache.

Who Uses It?
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Where Can You Use NCache?

Use NCache as an extremely fast and linearly scalable distributed cache in the following environments and applications.

  • Web App Scaling
  • Web Services Scaling
  • Mobile App Scaling
  • Internet of Things
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Event Streaming
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NCache Use Cases

Following are different use cases where you can use NCache in .NET applications.

  • Database Caching
  • NHibernate 2nd Level Cache
  • Entity Framework Cache
  • ASP.NET Sessions
  • ASP.NET View State
  • ASP.NET Output Cache
  • Memcached Wrapper
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Comparisons With Other Solutions

See how NCache compares feature-by-feature with other Distributed Caching and NoSQL stores.

Try It Out!

Download a fully-working copy of NCache Enterprise. Contact us for a personalized demo or if you need help. Or, download NCache Open Source and use it freely on an as-is basis.

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