In-Memory Distributed Store

NCache is an Open Source In-Memory Distributed Store for .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and Scala. NCache is ideal for high transaction server applications because it is extremely fast and linearly scalable. Use NCache to remove performance bottlenecks and scale your applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP). NCache also provides intelligent data replication and dynamic clustering for high availability.

NCache has been the .NET market leader since 2005 and is very popular with hundreds of high-end customers all over the world.

Three Common Uses of NCache

See three common uses of NCache for high transaction server applications in .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and Scala:

  1. Distributed Cache (In-Memory with Live Persistence)
    • App Data Caching
    • ASP.NET Core: Sessions, Response Cache, SignalR, IDistributedCache
    • ASP.NET: Session State, View State, Output Cache, SignalR
    • Java Apps: Web Sessions, Hibernate, Spring, JCache
    • Node.js Apps: Web Sessions
  2. Pub/Sub Messaging, Continuous Query, Events
  3. Full-Text Search (Lucene for .NET)
NCache Architecture
NCache Benchmarking
Five Steps to Getting Started


NCache Architecure

Featured Customers

NCache Customers - Citi Group
NCache Customers - Barclays Bank
NCache Customers - Bank of America
NCache Customers - BMW Financial Services
NCache Customers - Toyota
NCache Customers - US Department of State
NCache Customers - KPMG
NCache Customers - Dell
NCache Customers - NICE CXone Inc
NCache Customers - Chevron


Use Cases

Features & Capabilities

Use NCache as an extremely fast and linearly scalable distributed cache in the following environments and applications.

NCache Core Architecture

  • Peer-to-peer dynamic cache cluster
  • Caching Topology: Partitioned, Partition-Replica,
    Mirrored, Replicated Cache
  • InProc speed with Client Cache (Near Cache)
  • WAN replication with Bridge Topology
  • Split Brain detection & recovery

Distributed Caching Features

  • Expiration, Locking, Bulk & Async Ops
  • Groups, Tags, Named Tags
  • SQL and LINQ queries
  • Read-through, Write-through, Write-behind
  • Data Structures (List, Queue, Set, ...)
  • Cache Loader & Refresher

Pub/Sub Messaging & Events

  • Pub/Sub with Topic (decoupled apps)
  • Durable Subscriptions
  • Continuous Query Events
  • Item Level & Cache Level Events

Full-Text Search

  • Lucene 9.x API for .NET
  • Full-text, Geospatial, Faceted search
  • Import existing Lucene indexes
  • Backup/Restore Lucene index

100% Native .NET

  • Cache Server (.NET 6, .NET 4.8)
  • Cache Client (.NET 6, .NET 4.8, earlier)
  • Cache Client (Java, Node.js, Python, Scala)

Deployment (Windows, Linux)

  • Installer (on-prem, cloud)
  • Docker / Kubernetes (on-prem, cloud)
  • Azure / AWS Marketplace VM
  • Azure / AWS Marketplace SaaS

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