Company Overview

Alachisoft was founded in 1996 as a software development services company under the legal name Diyatech Corp. in Mountain View, California and later reincorporated in Delaware in 2017, and moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas.

In 2003, we transitioned to a product company, with Alachisoft as our DBA (doing-business-as), and now offer an enterprise level product, NCache. NCache is sold in the United States, Great Britain and in over 20 other countries. Built on a profitable, revenue-funded model, Alachisoft delivers consistent year-over-year growth. This growth is achieved by upgrading our products to meet market needs, particularly for high transaction industries, by integrating new and emerging technologies and by supporting new use cases. This in turn results in continuously adding satisfied marquee brands, midsize to large organizations and global leaders to our customer portfolio.

Alachisoft Mission

President and Technology Evangelist Iqbal Khan co-founded Alachisoft to provide world class transaction performance and scalability solutions for .NET and Java applications through software products. Alachisoft products are designed first and foremost to help organizations achieve XTP (extreme transaction processing) solutions by delivering enterprise-flexible, easy-to-use, highly reliable and scalable products coupled with full support options.

Alachisoft Products

The company's initial success came with an O/R Mapping product, TierDeveloper, used by tens of thousands of developers, and now offered for free. Our second product, NCache, is the leading distributed cache for .NET applications. NCache is available in Open Source, Enterprise and Community Editions, on-premises and in the cloud, with .NET, .NET Core and Java clients.

All our products come with FREE 30-Day working trials. We invite you to explore our website for information on our products and customers.

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