On-Premises Deployment Options

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET / .NET Core. It lets you remove bottlenecks related to database and data storage and linearly scale your applications.

There are two ways you can deploy NCache on-premises (meaning your own data center). One is to deploy a Docker Image of NCache on-premises. And, second is to download NCache and install and deploy it on-premises.

Download NCache Software

You can download a Windows Installer (.msi) or a .tar.gz NCache and install it on-premises. The following environments are supported.

Windows Server

Windows Server is the most common platform for NCache server and clients. Download the following for it.

Edition What's Included
NCache Enterprise (.msi) Cache server (.NET), .NET & .NET Core clients
NCache Enterprise Client-only (.msi) .NET & .NET Core clients
NCache Professional (.msi) Cache server (.NET), .NET & .NET Core clients
NCache Open Source (.msi) Cache server (.NET), .NET & .NET Core clients

Windows Nano Server

Only available through Docker.

Windows Nano Server is only supported as a Docker Image from Docker Hub. Read more about it here.


NCache .NET Core version is also available on Linux. Download the following for it.

Edition What's Included
NCache Enterprise (.tar.gz) Cache server (.NET Core), .NET Core client
NCache Enterprise Client-only (.tar.gz) Java client
NCache Professional Client-only (.tar.gz) .NET Core client
NCache Open Source Client-only (.tar.gz) .NET Core client

Download NuGet Packages

You can download and install NCache remote client on your app server or your developer workstation. Or, you can download an appropriate NuGet package for NCache and incorporate into your application through Visual Studio. NuGet makes it really easy for you to setup your client configuration inside Visual Studio.

The following NuGet packages are available.

NCache Enterprise NuGet Packages

NCache Professional NuGet Packages

NCache Open Source NuGet Packages

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