NCache Performance Benchmarks

2 Million Ops/Sec

(5 Node Cluster)

See the NCache performance benchmarks results that were conducted in Amazon AWS. You can achieve the same results in other environments.

We have successfully demonstrated that NCache can linearly scale to achieve 2 Million operations per second with a 5-server cache cluster. NCache delivers this performance with sub-millisecond latency. The scalability is linear which means that if you add more cache servers, NCache delivers higher transaction throughput.

Benchmarks – See Actual Video

Video showing actual benchmarks being taken

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Benchmarks – Whitepaper

Explaining benchmarks details

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NCache Benchmark Graphs

2 Million Ops/Sec (5 Node Cluster)

NCache Benchmark Graphs
See NCache performance as we added cache servers to the cluster.


Monitoring Statistics (2 Million Ops/Sec)

NCache Benchmark Graphs
See NCache monitoring statistics as we reached 2 millions ops/sec.
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