Alachisoft Management

Alachisoft's founding and management team have extensive experience in software technologies, sales and marketing, business development, and more.

Iqbal Khan - President & Technology Evangelist

Iqbal Khan founded the company in 1996 with a vision of being always on the leading edge of enterprise application technologies. Initially, he spearheaded the software development services business in leading Java/J2EE and Microsoft technologies (initially Windows DNA and later .NET) based enterprise applications.

Later, he formed Alachisoft with a vision to become the leading provider of high performance solutions for enterprise application development. The first product, TierDeveloper, made its name in the industry as a leading O/R Mapping code generator. And, the second product, NCache is the industry's leading .NET distributed object cache for high transaction enterprise applications. Alachisoft’s latest entry in the in-memory data grid market is TayzGrid which is an elastic in-memory data grid.

Prior to this in 1994, Iqbal Khan was a co-founder and President of Qualit, Inc., a software company based in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), California. Qualit developed a Windows bug tracking software for the small to medium software development groups.

Prior to Qualit, Iqbal was a Software Manager at Systems Integrator, a leading newspaper publication software company, in Sacramento and a Technical Leader at Mentor Graphics, a leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software company based in Portland, Oregon. Iqbal has over 17 years of industry experience.

Iqbal has an MS in Computer Science from Indiana University, Bloomington in 1990. Before that, he got a BS in Computer Science with a Business Minor from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 1988. In 1990-91, Iqbal enrolled in a part-time MBA program at Portland State University (while working at Mentor Graphics) and completed 3 semesters of it but didn't get the final degree.

You can view Iqbal's profile at LinkedIn.

Sam Awan - Director Sales

Sam Awan has extensive experience in information technology sales, marketing, and technical support. Sam did his BS in Information Technology from Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

Sam started his career as technical support engineer and grew into a management role in the same field. He then switched into technical sales role and finally transitioned into a full sales role.

Sam is spearheading Alachisoft's sales effort. He personally leads the NCache sales effort and directs other sales persons for NCache and TayzGrid as well.

You can view Sam's profile at LinkedIn.

Josh Hamid - Director Marketing

Josh Hamid has widespread experience in sales and marketing. Josh did his Bachelors and then Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma.

Josh started his career as a programming assistant in 1993 during his studies and at the completion of his studies he was developing applications and teaching on a part-time basis. After that, he worked for a number of companies where he shifted into management, training and sales roles. Josh also kept on pursuing his academic career and taught at different universities and colleges. His main focus was information analysis, management and IT infrastructure.

In 2005 Josh formed his own online marketing and content management firm that provided content creation and marketing communication collateral production services to various online companies. Due to the startup nature of the company, he was involved in developing business leads, generating sales, and the creation of marketing collateral for customers.

Josh joined Alachisoft in early 2008 and is currently leading its marketing department. He is working in collaboration with the Technical and Sales departments to improve the company’s visibility in various industry sectors by creating ingenious marketing campaigns and designing collateral that informs and educates potential and existing clients about the various products showcased by the company.

You can view Josh's profile at LinkedIn.

Sal Jan - Director Technical Sales & Support

Sal Jan brings a solid understanding of information technology, software applications, technical support, and technical sales. Sal did his BS in Information Technology from Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

Sal has worked in a number of companies prior to joining Alachisoft. His main focus has been technical support and technical sales. At Alachisoft, he and his team work closely with the sales team to resolve customer's technical issues and to educate the customer about the technical benefits and details of NCache and TayzGrid.

Asif Imam - Director Engineering

Asif Imam has done his BS in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Pakistan. Asif has over 9 years of industry experience in software architecture, design, and development in both Java and Microsoft technologies.

Asif is an extremely technical person and oversees all the software development effort in Alachisoft for both NCache and TayzGrid. Asif is also responsible for ensuring that both products have a solid architecture and works closely with development and QA teams to ensure a consistent and high quality in our products.

Malik Kamran - Director Operations & Finance

Malik Kamran has done Bachelors in Commerce from Punjab University, Pakistan. He is responsible for overall financial management and operations of Alachisoft, including human resource management.

Kamran has been one of the early members of Alachisoft team. Prior to joining Alachisoft, Kamran has worked with a number of other companies as an accountant.