NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Configuring Client Node Settings

There are some configuration settings related to the client node which can be configured using NCache Manager.
  • Click on IP address of client node of a cache in Cache Explorer to open client related settings of this client node.
  • On the Main tab you can configure Connection Timeout, Connection Retries, Retry Interval and Client Request Timeout.
  • All values are in seconds. A brief description of each attribute is given is given in NCache Manager alongside each attribute.
  • Using the Settings tab, you can:
  • Enable/disable client load balancing using the checkbox Enable Client Load Balancing
  • Specify Server Priority for this client
  • Change Sync Mode of client cache to either Optimistic or Pessimistic.
  • Using the Security tab you can specify Primary and Secondary user credentials, i.e., User Id and Password. These
  credentials will be used when this cache is initialized from this client node.
  • In the Backing Source tab, you can select the default Read-Thru and/or Write-Thru providers, only if these providers are configured for the cache.
  • Apply configuration changes by right clicking on the cache name in Cache Explorer and select Apply Configuration option.
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