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Creating Clustered Bridge

A bridge can be created in NCache and caches are added in it using the following method:
Using NCache Manager
  • From the Cache Explorer view, right click the Bridges node and click Create New Bridge option.
  • The New Bridge Wizard appears, displaying the Specify Bridge Identification dialog.
  • Provide the Name for the new bridge and click Next.
Make sure that the bridge name you provide is unique on all the nodes that are part of this bridge.
  • The Select Bridge Member Nodes dialog opens up.
  • Specify the node IP address in the text box or select from the Network Neighborhood and click on the ‘>’ button to add it in Selected nodes list.
  • Click Next once all required nodes are added.
You can add a maximum of two nodes as bridge members.
  • The Specify Queue Parameters dialog appears. You can specify multiple bridge properties through this dialog like Bridge Port, Maximum Queue Size and Replicator Queue Size.
  • After providing the required values, click Next.
  • On the Specify Target Cache Options dialog box, you can change the Queue Replication Interval and Connection Retry Interval values.
  • There is also a check box Start this bridge on Service restart. Check it if you want to start this bridge automatically when NCache bridge service starts. 
  • Click Finish.
  • Your bridge will be successfully created and will be visible in the Cache Explorer view under the Bridges node.
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