NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation


The Entry Processor has been introduced in NCache to allow users to execute their code (invocable functions) against a set of cache entries on the server side. NCache supports precise execution of Entry Processor regardless of the caching topology being used.
In the usual update scenario, you actually make two network trips to and from the cache. One, to fetch the element to be modified, and the second to save the updated value back into the cache. This is where Entry Processors come in handy: you can modify cache entries on the server side without involving these entries to travel over the network for fetch and update operations. This results in fairly noticeable performance improvement because of the avoidance of network trips and unnecessary consumption of resources.
In case of Partitioned topologies, entries are processed on the same node where they reside. It is recommended to use ‘Object’ data format to avoid deserialization cost every time an entry is processed.

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