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What is NCache Java Client?

NCache Java Client is an NCache client written in Java that makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as on a single server. It accomplishes this by coordinating updates to the data using cluster-wide concurrency control, and replicating and distributing data modifications across the cluster using the highest performing clustered protocol available. The primary purpose of NCache Java Client is to help improve performance of Java/J2EE & JSP applications that would otherwise make expensive trips to database systems, web services, mainframes, or other systems across the network.
Connecting with NCache Java Clients
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  • Accessing NCache Java Client Documentation: You can access all NCache Java Client documentation at Online Documentation.
  • Contacting NCache Java Client Support: For comments/feedback and any problems related to NCache Java Client or this manual, you can contact NCache support. Simply send an email to or visit Alachisoft Support Page.
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