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Registering Generic Classes

NCache also supports generic classes to be compact serialized. Generic classes are configured in the same way as other
classes. In addition we also need to specify <T> types for each Generic class. Generic classes can be configured as folows:
Using NCache Manager
  • Click on the cache name in Cache Explorer to open cache settings.
  • Go to the Compact Serialization tab.
  • Click on the Add Type button. Select Compact Classes dialog appears.
  • Click on the Show Default Generics button. It lists default generic types.
  • Select the desired type and click Add Class.
  • It adds selected classes in the lower pane. Click OK to add classes for Compact Serialization.
  • All of the selected classes are now listed in Compact Serialization tab in NCache Manager.
  • Now you need to specify the classes which you expect to be assigned to the selected generic classes. When you select any of the added generic class, the Add<T> button becomes enabled. Click Add<T>.
  • Select Compact Classes dialog appears. Click Browse to select assembly.
  • All classes will be loaded in Loaded Classes list box.
  • Select your class and click Add Class.
  • Click OK. It adds generic <T> type under the select generic class.
  • This way you can specify as many <T> types for a generic class as needed.
  • Right click on the cache in Cache Explorer and select Apply Configuration option.
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