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Runtime Data Sharing

Runtime data sharing has become an important use for distributed caches, as applications now need to share data with other applications at runtime in an asynchronous fashion. Previously, relational databases were used to share data among multiple applications but that required constant polling by the applications wanting to consume data. It was then when message queues became popular because of their asynchronous features and persistence of events. However, they lacked to cater the performance and scalability requirements in modern applications.
Thus, applications are now switching to in-memory distributed caches for event driven runtime data sharing. This data sharing can be between multiple Java applications or between .NET and Java applications.
Keeping the urgency of such a feature in mind, NCache provides feature of runtime data sharing that makes use of notifications to keep cache clients updated about the cache status. You can specify the classes and attributes (which you want to be shared by the applications) through the interactive UI of NCache Manager under the Data Sharing tab.
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