NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Sample Usage of MapReduce

In order to execute the MapReduce task after implementing the interfaces, please follow the steps below:
  •      Initialize MapReduce Task.
  MapReduceTask task = new MapReduceTask();
  •      Set Mapper, Combiner factory and Reducer factory. Add filters, if required.
   task.Mapper = new WordCountMapper();
   task.Combiner = new WordCountCombinerFactory();
   task.Reducer = new WordCountReducerFactory();
  •      Execute task on cache.
   ITrackableTask wordCount = cache.ExecuteTask(task);
  •      Optional: enumerate over the result generated using enumeration.
  ITaskResult result= wordCount.GetResult(); 
  IDictionaryEnumerator enumResult = result.GetEnumerator();
  while (enumResult.MoveNext())
    //perform operations       
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