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Configuring Security for Cache Management

After you have created cache, security for management operations can be configured in following ways:
Using NCache Manager
  • Go to the Security menu option and select Security Credentials option.
  • Security Credentials dialog will open.
  • Fill Domain Info by providing Domain Name and Port.
  • Fill Logon Credentials by providing User Name, and Password.
  • Click Verify Credentials.
  • Clicking on Verify Credentials will prompt success or failure messages. If the provided security credentials are correct then it will display a success message:
  • Click OK.
  • Now go to the NCache Manager ->Security menu option again and select Configure Security option.
  • Security Configuration Wizard will open. Specify the server IP address for which you want to configure the security and click Next.
  • Security Configurations Wizard will open.
  • Expand the Available Domain Users. It will list down all of the active directory users.
  • Select users from the users list and then add the required users using ‘>’ button.
  • Selected users are listed in Selected Users section. These users will be allowed to manage the caches.
  • Check the Enable Security checkbox to enable the security.
  • Click Finish.
Using Command Line Tool
  • Open command prompt.
  • Go to the NCache tools directory: cd %NCHOME%/bin/tools
  • Using configurenodesecurity.exe, provide the required information:  
configurenodesecurity.exe /A /N james /n /U james_tredwell /P yourpassword /C
  • Press ENTER, it will add james_tredwell in security.ncconf on node
  • Now enable security using the same tool by providing information:
configurenodesecurity.exe /E /n aaron_finch /a  administrator /P yourpassword
  • Security is now enabled and the user added is allowed to perform management operations.
  • To add more users, repeat step 3 for each new user one by one.
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