NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Server Side API Programming

This section is a practical guide for programmers who want to utilize powerful features of Server side NCache to create high performance and scalable .NET applications. This includes working examples and code snippets to utilize various features of NCache efficiently.
In This Section
Explains how to use Cache Startup Loader.
Shows how to transparently fetch the required data from the master data source if it is not available in the cache and vice versa.
Explains making application data types Compact Serializable and use them in your application with NCache.
Explains how to use Conflict Resolver.
Depicts how you can use custom dependencies by defining your own expiration logics.
Explains how what Entry Processor is, and how it is used via JCache JSR 107.
Explains what MapReduce is, and how it is used via NCache.
Explains what Aggregator is, and how it is used via NCache.