Code Generation Overview

Author: Iqbal M. Khan

TierDeveloper generates code for a number of platforms and languages. Depending on which edition of TierDeveloper you are using, you'll get different choices for code generation (as explained in the Products page). If you are interested to find out what the generated code might look like, select the target language of your interest and you'll get a brief overview of the generated code for it. For a more detailed understanding of all the different code that TierDeveloper generates, you should download a 30-day trial copy of TierDeveloper and use it.

Below is the code generation information for various target platforms and languages:

Author: Iqbal M. Khan works for Alachisoft [a LAˊ chi soft], a leading software company providing .NET and Java distributed caching, O/R Mapping and SharePoint Storage Optimization solutions. You can reach him at