Insurance Industry Use Case

Now a day’s insurance leaders have to customer data coming in from multiple sources, and also keep this data safe and secure. NCache brings scale, performance and high reliability for Insurance industry applications and data storage. Our insurance industry customers use NCache for session clustering, distributed synchronization and main high speed data store.

NCache adds horizontal scalability for reduced cost and better multi-region data center replication. The ability to easily plug-in new hardware for horizontal scalability is key here. NCache is perfect candidate for building high performing benefits management and administration solutions. By caching frequently used data, overall responsiveness of applications improves. Resulting in better agility and pace. Imagine NCache as single data store for managing information and maintain 360-degree view of customers. Smart runtime rule based applications can be built to help with these use cases:

Featured Customers

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Following are some interesting use cases of NCache for Insurance industry needs:

  • Usage based Insurance Insights
  • Prevent Double Billing
  • Legacy System Transformation
  • Reduce benefits costs & Maximize benefits value
  • Single data store for 360-degree Customer view
  • Risk Management as a Service
  • Intelligent Cross Selling
  • Cybersecurity & Encryption to meet Privacy Compliance
  • Distributed Ledgers & Smart Financial Technology

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