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Financial Services companies encounter many data related challenges. Top financial services firms are embracing next-generation technologies to build and run modern applications. Leading financial services companies in the world hunt for milliseconds of advantage and want to build low latency applications. New global regulations and competitors put pressure on financial services firms to re-invent their core systems and require exceptional in-memory computing performance and throughput.

Many Financial Services (FinServ) companies are leveraging NCache to deliver speedy, contextualized, and real-time financial data, while concurrently managing regulations. NCache is also helping companies to offload their mainframe applications and provide next-generation data infrastructure.

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NCache Use Case - Bank of America
NCache Use Case - Citi Group
NCache Use Case - Barclays Bank
NCache Use Case - Santander Consumer Bank

Here are some top use cases of NCache for Financial Services Industry:

Real-time Risk Reporting

Risk weighting assets and real time transaction tracking involves a lot of data. For such runtime processing needs, no other traditional database comes closer to in-memory distributed cache to ingest a lot of influx of data. NCache has better performance than any other database and lower costs and faster time to market to meet needs of runtime analysis and reporting.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Using Ncache you can have in place checks and validation to speed of in-memory before transactions can be completed. One of leading banking institutions from United States is using NCache for detecting and preventing overdraft fraud. NCache by design can enable banks to achieve linear scalability in a cost effective way and disrupt legacy systems in positive ways.

Market Data Management

Financial Institutions must now maintain a trade repository to track market changes, PNL changes, price changes and geographical region changes to make sure their projections are accurate to determine the profitability and cash flows. In memory caching solution like NCache for .NET can facilitate in maintaining such a trade repository at scale with extremely low latency. Our customers additionally use NCache for data-distribution and migration between East-Region and West-Region data centers thru bridge.

Financial Exchange Data Management

NCache has performed exceptionally well for reference data management and quick electronic payments processing with all checks/compliance in place. If you are in need of scalability with security and atomicity in mind for managing your huge financial data, NCache is the perfect fit in-memory caching solution to meet your needs.

Mobile Banking and Digitalization

NCache can play an active role by having real time updates to customer accounts, by ingesting data quickly along with timely system recovery in case of server failures. Our happy financial industry customers are widely using features of web-session clustering to improve end user experience, database caching to avoid expensive database trips and centralization of data access layer (through NCache Read-thru and Write-thru features) to avoid redundant and expensive database trips.

Unique Use Cases for Financial Industry

  • Spread Betting: To win at Spread Betting companies must build analytically intense process that uses performance-hungry models, and it is most effective when performed in the fastest possible way. NCache - In-memory distributed cache involves keeping data in-memory for extremely fast access with no disk-related slowdowns. This makes it faster than any other storage-based computing method.
  • Distributed Ledgers: NCache, In-memory distributed cache can enable you to build highly scalable Distributed ledger solutions with enterprise level features like Portioned-Replica cache to store backed up partitions of data across multiple machines within a region as well as NCache Bridge cluster can be used to share data between multiple geographic regions.
  • High-Frequency Trading: In-memory distributed cache can help with Complex Event Processing, Parallel Processing Clustering and In-Memory Computing. NCache has proven performance, high availability and linear scalability with consistent transaction processing that fully supports ACID and flexible APIs.

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