NCache Case Studies

NCache speeds up Grocery Outlet's intranet search and provides a highly reliable and a scalable solution for the future.Read

NCache provides Digital Spark with runtime configuration changes and robust enterprise grade data availability. Read

Through NCache, Liebherr avoids database trips by storing data in cache to increase their applications performance. Read

NCache provides CampMinder a high availability caching system to reduce their application downtime.Read

NCache lets Virgin HealthMiles scale their website traffic without requiring more database servers.Read

NCache has provided an extremely fast and scalable ASP.NET session storage with replication. Read

By keeping cache on the web server, good performance is achieved and at the same time network traffic is minimized.

Maintain high-availability for high traffic website by storing ASP.NET sessions in a reliable and replicated cache storage. Read

Improve performance of servers during peak times while handling millions of visitors and page views with NCache. Read

Maintain web portal performance for its applications and services sustaining scalability in the longer run using NCache. Read

Scale up to 25000 concurrent users with highly available web applications with NCache. Read

Achieve 600+ transactions per second while retaining scalable speed and redundancy using NCache. Read

StorageEdge Case Studies

StorageEdge enables ePharmaSolutions to store their large video files library in the file system and seamlessly link them to SharePoint, reducing the load on the database and helping improve performance and ease maintenance.Read

Reduce SharePoint storage cost dramatically while improving its uptime using StorageEdge. Read