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Cache Topologies

Caching topology defines the strategy for data storage in a clustered cache. It refers to the behavior of cache cluster under different scenarios. These behavior specifications help in choosing the cache topology which suites best to an application’s environment.
NCache provides the following set of topologies for cluster caches.
  • Mirrored Cache (Two-Server Active/Passive)
  • Replicated Cache
  • Partitioned Cache
  • Partitioned-Replica Cache (Asynchronous and Synchronous)
Reference Data VS Transactional Data:
Cached data can be differentiated into two broad types i.e. Reference and Transactional. Reference refers to the type of data that has a high ratio of reads than writes e.g. product catalog prices may change after one or few days . On the other hand, transactional refers to the data that has almost the same ratio of reads and writes e.g. each ASP.NET
Sessions is updated with all the activities of each application user.  
In This Section
Describes mirror cache and its main features.
Describes replicated cache and its main features.
Describes partitioned cache and its main features.
Describes partitioned-replica cache and its main features.