NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

GUI Based .msi Installation

In GUI based installation, you can make use of the interactive Windows Installer to install NCache on your system. To install NCache:
1.     In the Windows Explorer, double click the .msi file: ncache.enterprise.x64
We recommend you to run your evaluation using the NCache Enterprise Edition. You can later decide whether to downgrade to NCache Professional, based on your needs.
The following Welcome to the NCache Installation Wizard screen appears:
  • The License Agreement window asks you to accept the license agreement. By clicking I accept the terms in the License Agreement, you are making a legal commitment to abide by the Alachisoft Software License Agreement for NCache. You cannot proceed without accepting the license agreement.
  • Select NCache Installation Type window asks you to choose the edition of NCache which you want to install.
  • Cache Server installs the full server product along with the local client.
  • Remote Client installs the local and client caches, ASP.NET session modules and NCache API for remote cache access.
  • Developer installs standalone local cache and development libraries, along with restricted access to remote caches. Note the following limitations for Developer Installation Type while connecting to remote caches:
  • Throttling of 50 requests/sec for each client: All such clients that are licensed under DEV license will not be able to make more than 50 requests/sec to the remote cache.
  • Limited number of requests (200,000) a client can send to remote cache: In a lifetime of client application in case it is licensed under DEV license, the client will stop making requests to remote cache after it has sent 200,000 requests to remote cache. The only work around is to restart application for another 200,000 requests. Once the client has made 200,000 requests, a licensing exception will be thrown saying “Clients running under DEV license cannot send more than 200,000 requests to remote cache.”
Developer licensed clients can make requests to local caches without any limitation.
  •  Click Next.
  • Evaluation Information dialog appears which asks you for the installation key. This is the key which you have received from Alachisoft. If you do not have an Installation key, click on Get Evaluation Key button which takes you to Alachisoft website to register and obtain an Installation key.
Please note that even when you have purchased NCache and have a license key, you must provide the INSTALL KEY here (and not the purchased license key). You'll get an opportunity later to specify your purchased license key when you activate your licenses.
  • If you are already registered, just enter your email address and an Installation key will be emailed to you. Otherwise, register by specifying information and an Installation key will be emailed to you.
  • In User Information dialog, you need to enter your name, company name, and email address. This information will be displayed as part of NCache to indicate your identity. Click Next.
  • By default, NCache is installed in "C:\program files\NCache" folder. However, if you want to change this location, you can specify a different one below. Click Next.
  • In the next dialog box, you can see all the components that will be installed automatically. You can unselect some of the components if you wish. However, it is strongly recommended that you keep everything as default.
  • After selection, click Next.
  • Start installation process by clicking the Install button.
  • Installation process will begin.
  • After everything is done, a final screen appears indicating a successful finish of NCache installation.
  • Click Finish to exit the installation setup.
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