NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation
Welcome to NCache version 4.6! NCache is a flexible and feature rich 100% .NET caching solution that provides high performance and scalability to handle any transaction load. NCache features and APIs are designed to cache data for applications of any size – from small to enterprise-wide global installations.
This NCache documentation contains samples, tutorials, and tools designed to help you quickly incorporate NCache into your applications.  You can search for topics in the extensive class library references, overviews and step-by-step illustrations.
NCache provides various sources of technical support. Please refer to to select a support resource you find suitable for your issue.
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Document Conventions
The following conventions in text have been used throughout this document:
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Specifies any packages and interfaces to be added into the application.
Specifies inline code snippets, file, class, interface names.
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NCache Documentation
Presents a brief introduction to NCache, with an emphasis on features, editions and requirements of NCache.
Discusses important caching concepts enabling you to better understand the later product documentation sections.
Discusses step by step details to install and activate NCache using interactive Windows installer and command line installer. It also explains NCache network install with Powershell and NCache Java client installation for UNIX.
Familiarizes you with the fundamentals of NCache and offers tips to use NCache quickly and efficiently.
Provides a guide to perform administrative tasks and to configure cache and bridge settings  using NCache Manager, command line tools and configuration files.
Focuses on essentials to become skilled at developing with NCache. It includes a programmer's guide, sample applications, hands on tutorials and extensive help on API references.
Helps to identify problems that may arise while using NCache.
Provides the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding NCache.