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No server available to process request

You may get this exception if the cache you are trying to connect is not running or the cache does not exist on the target machine.
To workaround this problem, do the following:
  • Another situation can be that NCache Server is running but the cache that you are trying to use is not running. See Start a Cluster for more information.
  • Verify that you are using correct version of NCache Client API. Note that the Developer Edition does not allow you to connect to the remote NCache Server; however you can connect to NCache Server running on the same machine, using "localhost" as the server name in the client configuration file. Enterprise Edition does not have any such restriction.
  • You can check NCache Edition from Help->About menu option in NCache Manager.
  • NCache Client API also throws this exception if it does not find the client.ncconf file or if there is any error reading NCache Server information from it.
  • And same error occurs if user tries to initialize a cache which does not exist or that cache is not listed in the "client.ncconf".
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