Company Overview

Alachisoft is a California Corporation under the legal name Diyatech Corp. Diyatech Corp was founded in 1996 as a software development services company. Then, in 2003, Diyatech Corp transitioned from a services company to a product company and took on the name Alachisoft.

Alachisoft is a privately held company with its headquarters in San Ramon, California, USA (San Francisco Bay Area). Built largely on a profitable, revenue-funded model, Alachisoft has consistently achieved impressive growth by rapidly adding global leaders to its portfolio of customers.

Alachisoft is a leading provider of high performance solutions for .NET development community. Its first product, TierDeveloper, is industry's leading object to relational mapping (O/R Mapping) code generator focused on helping .NET developers cut down their development time and improve their code quality. Its second product, NCache, is a leading Distributed Object Cache for N-Tier and Grid Computing .NET applications that need extremely fast performance. NCache is developed 100% in .NET.

Alachisoft Mission

Alachisoft provides companies powerful yet simple way to improve the performance of their .NET applications and also to cut down their development cycle with improved code quality.

Alachisoft will continue to enhance its offerings in both these areas and also in other related areas for the .NET community.