NCache Enterprise BYOL Cloud Licensing Details

NCache Enterprise is available in the following cloud marketplaces under the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services - AWS

After selecting your virtual machines for NCache, in the Azure or AWS marketplace, select the NCache Enterprise image for those virtual machines (VMs). When the NCache Enterprise image is launched for the first time, your 10-day free trial starts, without requiring any licensing activation.

To extend your free trial for another 30 days, please contact They will provide you a fully working 30 day license key, which you then activate on all your NCache Enterprise BYOL cache server VMs.

The client software for NCache Enterprise BYOL is the same as the client software for NCache Enterprise on-premises. Please download and install it from our website onto your application server VMs in the cloud. All the clients give you an automatic 60-Day trial period that can be further extended upon contacting our sales team.

A NuGet package for NCache Enterprise SDK is also available at

NCache Enterprise can be installed on VMs in any cloud platform, other than Azure and AWS, by downloading NCache Enterprise, obtaining a registration key from, and activating the key.

NCache Enterprise BYOL is licensed based on the number of cores of the virtual machine. Four cores are supported per each license and a minimum of two licenses (meaning 8 cores) are required for NCache Enterprise to function.

To review the NCache Enterprise Software License Agreement please click here.

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United States +1 (214) 764-6933
Europe +44 20 7993 8327
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