Boost .NET App Performance & Scalability

NCacheNCache is a high performance in-memory object caching solution for mission critical .NET and Java applications with real-time data access needs. NCache not only lets you cache read-only data but also complex transactional data with relationships. As a result, your application can cache most of its data and dramatically improve performance. NCache provides:

  • In-memory caching for single-server or multi-server configurations.
  • Read-through, write-through, and write-behind operations.
  • Object relationship handling through intelligent dependency management.
  • Cache clustering as Replicated Cache, Partitioned Cache, or Client Cache.
  • Extremely fast in-memory clustered Session Management with NCache.

Optimized Storage for SharePoint

StorageEdge LogoSpeed up SharePoint by removing its storage bottlenecks and dramatically reducing database size and the transaction load. Further accelerate SharePoint with caching cache BLOBs, lists, ASP.NET Session State, and View State.

  • Reduce database size and load with BLOB externalization
  • Multi-tier BLOB storage, compression, encryption, filters, more…
  • Cache BLOBs, Lists, View State, & Session State to speed up
  • Reduce payload and HTTP trips with JavaScript Merge & Minify

Rapidly Develop .NET Applications (Free Software)

NOTE: TierDeveloper 6.1 has become totally FREE software (not a trial).

TierDeveloperTierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generator that lets you develop extremely high performance .NET applications in record time. TierDeveloper is a code generation tool that lets you map and generate .NET business and data objects, ASP.NET apps, and Windows Forms apps. With TierDeveloper, you'll cut down your development time by 50% to 70% depending on your application.

  • Generate business and data access objects.
  • Use your own domain objects and generate persistence code for them.
  • Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications.
  • Customize existing templates or write new ones with a Template IDE.
  • Ensure high performance by generating NCache integrated code.