Boost .NET App Performance & Scalability

NCache - In-Memory Distributed Cache

NCacheNCache is an Open Source high performance object caching solution for mission critical .NET and Java applications with real-time data access needs. NCache not only lets you cache read-only data but also complex transactional data with relationships. As a result, your application can cache most of its data and dramatically improve performance. NCache provides:

  • In-memory caching for single-server or multi-server configurations.
  • Read-through, write-through, and write-behind operations.
  • Object relationship handling through intelligent dependency management.
  • Cache clustering as Replicated Cache, Partitioned Cache, or Client Cache.
  • Extremely fast in-memory clustered Session Management with NCache.

TierDeveloper Free ORM Code Generator

NOTE: TierDeveloper 6.1 has become totally FREE software (not a trial).

TierDeveloperTierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generator that lets you develop extremely high performance .NET applications in record time. TierDeveloper is a code generation tool that lets you map and generate .NET business and data objects, ASP.NET apps, and Windows Forms apps. With TierDeveloper, you'll cut down your development time by 50% to 70% depending on your application.

  • Generate business and data access objects.
  • Use your own domain objects and generate persistence code for them.
  • Generate ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications.
  • Customize existing templates or write new ones with a Template IDE.
  • Ensure high performance by generating NCache integrated code.