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Webinar: NCache Architecture and Caching Topologies

Duration: 1 hour

Are there performance bottlenecks in your application due to frequent and expensive database trips?

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory distributed caching solution that allows you to cache application data with various caching topology options. It helps resolve performance bottlenecks, and scales your .NET applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP). NCache also enables storing of ASP.NET Session State in web farms. This demo will include:

  • Overview of NCache's scalable architecture
  • Quick hands-on product tour including GUI-based and command line tools
  • How to use NCache for ASP.NET Session State storage (no code change required)
  • Highlights of NCache object caching features
  • Questions & Answers

Live Webinar Schedule

Date Time Register
Wed, May 07, 2014 1pm - 2pm British Summer Time Europe
Thu, May 08, 2014 2pm - 3pm Eastern Daylight Time North America
Coming Soon 3pm 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time Asia Pacific

Audio Options: Local dial-in number or computer speakers with webinar chat. See details below

Schedule a Personalized Demo

If you are evaluating JvCache or NCache and would like to see how it suits your particular environment, you can schedule a personalized demo tailored to your specific requirements. Our solution expert will understand your application requirements and demonstrate how JvCache or NCache can help you achieve your goals.

Schedule Personalized Demo (Duration: 1 hour)

Audio Options

For all Live Demos (North America or Europe), you can participate from anywhere in the world. Following audio options are available to you:

  • Computer Speakers: Use your computer speakers to listen (ask questions via webinar-chat)
  • Dial into a local phone number: Numbers are provided for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.