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NCache strengthens API support for Java applications

NCache provides 100% native Java API support for Java applications. Use NCache from any Java applications including JSP Servlet, web services, Grid Computing applications, and any other server-type applications with high transactions.

NCache allows you to store your JSP Servlet sessions in an extremely fast in-memory cache with intelligent replication. And, you can do that without making any code changes to your JSP application. Storing JSP Servlet sessions in NCache is a much better option than storing them in the storage provided by Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, or JBoss.

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Using Distributed Cache in Entity Framework Applications (without code changes)

Entity Framework provides abstraction from underlying relational database and provides many benefits which encourage high transactional applications and services development.

These high traffic applications encounter scalability problems that can only be solved through distributed caching. Use NCache in an Entity Framework application without any code change as it automatically synchronizes itself in a multi-server environment.

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Synchronizing Distributed Cache with Database with CLR Stored Procedures

Distributed caching has become a very important part of high transaction applications ensuring none to less scalability bottlenecks.

As distributed cache keeps a copy of your application data, you must always ensure that it is kept synchronized with your database.

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Data Search and Query in NCache (distributed cache)

Distributed cache is really useful for improving performance and scalability. The major advantage it has over others is that you're able to store almost all types of data in it which makes distributed cache an essential in-memory data store.

Distributed Cache provides a number of efficient and intelligent methods for searching the cache for all types of data stored in it. NCache allows you to search through huge amounts of data in a simple and faster way without degrading the cache performance.

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