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European SP Conference 2011

News & Events

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 (Anaheim, CA):

Alachisoft is delighted to share its post event feedback for its participation at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) 2011 in Anaheim, CA. (3rd to 6th Oct, 2011).

Visitors from countries, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia apart from host country witnessed the remarkable features and strength of StorageEdge via live demos and presentations at the booth. Alachisoft also conducted a lucky draw of Toshiba Netbook for its respected visitors. For Video and Photos of the event, click here


European SharePoint Conference

Alachisoft is proud to be a participant and an exhibitor at the European SharePoint Conference in Berlin, Germany last October. This is the largest independent SharePoint conference in Europe, designed to engage the SharePoint users.

Alachisoft exhibited for the first time in European SharePoint Conference educating and promoting their StorageEdge product with a booth as well as demos gathering audience interested in externalizing BLOBS, archiving management, Caching, and more. Read more


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Multi-Tiered Storage: Why and How (By Iqbal Khan)

It's a common observation that only 2-4% data is active in the database so it is cruel to treat all the data the same in terms of its storage. Its cost saving to simply offloading BLOBs from transactional SQL Server storage to less-expensive external storage

A worthwhile approach for the storage of externalized BLOBs is structure the external storage as a hierarchy of multiple tiers with one storage tier corresponding to one age-based category of BLOBs. It is important because If you keep all BLOBs in your primary, single tier of external storage, there is a fair chance you will get only a marginal benefit out of externalization.

StorageEdge provides multi-tiered storage that allows you to keep your active content in the most expensive storage and archives older content out to less expensive storage, read more



Use SharePoint Blob Caching for Performance Boost

BLOBs are saved in SharePoint in the form of unstructured data and as its size grows, access latencies can hurt the performance of SharePoint very badly. This performance issue can be handled by BLOB caching, which SharePoint also offers, but this caching is only disc based and it cant go beyond WFE in SharePoint infrastructure.

StorageEdge offers a highly sophisticated method of BLOB caching which is a unique combination of BLOB externalization and BLOB caching. StorageEdge, with the help of NCache , provides distributed caching facility for BLOB management which is distributed, highly available and failover.

For more click here.



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