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StorageEdge booth and lucky draw highlights from SPTechCon 2012, California

After successful and fruitful participation at SPTechCon, StorageEdge has decided to avail many more tradeshow opportunities to meet and greet SharePoint users and community.

We look forward to seeing you at the future events: TechEd America in Orlando, Florida and TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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Save money with intelligent content storage: Move from EBS to RBS

Enough empirical evidence is now available to establish that BLOB externalization outperforms in-SQL storage. BLOB storage in SQL Server hampers the overall performance of a SharePoint infrastructure. Microsoft first introduced External BLOB Storage (EBS) and then Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) in SQL Server 2008 R2, only as interface specifications, to let you take BLOBs out of SQL Server. StorageEdge fills the gap nicely as it provides enterprise-grade implementations for both EBS and RBS to offload BLOBs to inexpensive external storage.

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Organize SharePoint Content on Remote Storage

Externalizing BLOBs to make the best of the limited resources at the disposal of a SharePoint administrator is one half of the solution. The management of the externalized content on remote storage is the remaining half. Unless managed properly, and with due consideration to various compliance, regulatory and policy requirements, the problems may outnumber the benefits of externalization.

StorageEdge stood out in its coverage of even the minute features which others found trivial. Following are some important features regarding management of BLOBs on remote storage.

  1. Encryption of Content
  2. File Shredding
  3. Compression
  4. Encrypted File Names

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Using Windows Azure for smarter BLOBs storage

Cloud based computing enables sharing of resources, and provisioning of software and information to computers and other devices. We examine SharePoint BLOB storage on industry-leading, cloud based platform: Microsoft Windows Azure while exploring as to how the potentials of cloud based storage can be best exploited with SharePoint and how StorageEdge lets these possibilities turn into reality.

Through Windows Azure’s comprehensive BLOB externalization features, StorageEdge establishes hybrid infrastructure management to move content from its SQL Server to virtually any storage option.

Learn how to create storage profile for Windows Azure using StorageEdge from here



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