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StorageEdge coming to Australia for TechEd 2012 !!!

August 2012

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StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 Released with File Share Integration

Alachisoft is pleased to announce the release of StorageEdge 3.4 Service Pack 1.

StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 has strengthened its integration with File Share based documents. If your organization has other File Share based document management systems and you're not ready to migrate them all to SharePoint then simply use StorageEdge to integrate SharePoint with these legacy File Share documents.

StorageEdge lets you create separate document libraries in SharePoint that point to these File Share storage documents. StorageEdge then creates meta-data in SharePoint content database so as to allow SharePoint to index these documents and let you search them just like any other SharePoint document.

Features and Benefits:
  • Two-way Synchronization: StorageEdge allows you to edit documents either from within SharePoint or from outside and all those changes are made directly to the File Share storage.
  • Add, Read, Check-out, and Check-in docs: You can add documents to you document library in SharePoint and they are added directly to the File Share storage. You can also read, check-out, and check-in these docs and the File Share storage is updated.
  • File versioning: StorageEdge lets you keep older versions of the File Share documents in a separate File Share storage and the latest version is updated to the main File Share storage.
  • Single library multiple integration: Create a document library in SharePoint and point individual folders inside it to different File Share storage devices.
  • Auto Directory-Structure creation: Once a drive is configured to be integrated with a Documents library in SharePoint, it reflects all the files and folders in it as if they were uploaded there.

StorageEdge 3.4 SP1 allows its users to link the documents present on file share to SharePoint without the need of uploading them. It also helps in linking all newly uploaded BLOBs with linker profile using dual mode linker, making mirrors of databases, keeping multiple versions of linked files and having extra control over jobs and their history with Job Monitor.

To learn more about the features, Click here

StorageEdge coming to Australia for TechEd 2012 !!!

StorageEdge by Alachisoft concludes its global tour by exhibiting at the TechEd Australia 2012 being held on September 11-14, 2012 in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia. StorageEdge, after SPC Anaheim, SPC Europe, SPTechCon2012-CA, TechEd America, TechEd Europe shall concludes its tour with Australian TechEd. StorageEdge is grateful to all its customers at the previous shows.

StorageEdge, an RBS solution for SharePoint, built SharePoint 2007 and 2010, promises to strengthen your ROI by assisting in offloading BLOBs onto cheaper storage tiers with various filtering options to help improve user experience and bandwidth. With recent launch of SP1 last week, many new features have been introduced while enhancement of previous few.

Alachisoft sincerely looks forward to meeting its valued customers at the event, as well as meeting new ones. Visit our booth to find out more and a chance to win a netbook.

How to Improve SharePoint Performance and Scalability

SharePoint is a database driven product and makes frequent database trips for almost all of its work. Most of what is shown to the user is either a list or a document (also called a BLOB) and both come from the database. As a result, SharePoint performance is often not up to the mark (slow response times). Slow response times can frustrate users and in case of customer facing applications, you can even lose customers and as a result direct revenue.

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Why use On-Premises SharePoint with BLOB Storage in the Cloud?

SE Blogs SharePoint cloud storage can provide significant reduction in cost by drastically reducing the total costs of ownership of storage hardware and its associated management. It is interesting to examine the possible scenarios in which the potentials of cloud based storage can be exploited with SharePoint, in order to leverage a cloud storage platform in tandem with SharePoint infrastructure and how StorageEdge lets these possibilities turn into reality.

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