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NCache made Liebherr’s system failsafe!

December 2012

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NCache made Liebherr’s system failsafe!

TechEd Australia 2012 Liebherr was able to achieve its scalability and high availability goals all thanks to NCache, a distributed caching product by Alachisoft. But the greatest advantage they found of NCache was cost saving; both in terms of hardware and software.

NCache provided high performance and linear scalability, and its clustered cache synchronized the session data in such a manner that every user now has access to up-to-date data.

Click here to read the details.

Learn How NCache Solves Scalability Problem

NCache Videos Logo Are you looking for the following features for your architecture?

1. Reliability: 100% Applications uptime

2. Adding or removing the cache servers at runtime without     stopping the cache or the application

3. Availability: Load balancing for client connections

4. No Single-Point-of-Failure

NCache provides you all these. Click here. to find out how?

How to Cache ASP.NET View State in a Distributed Cache?

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ASP.NET today is widely used for high traffic web applications that need to handle millions of users and are deployed in load balanced web farms. One important part of ASP.NET is View State that many applications use. ASP.NET View State is a very powerful mechanism that stores pages, controls and custom values between multiple HTTP requests across client and the web server.

But everything comes at a price. Although very useful, ASP.NET View State also has its demerits.

NCache provides a simple and scalable solution for these problems which can be read here.

How to Start 64-bit NCache Service?

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“The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”

For 64-bit users this could be a real problem, when NCache service fails to start due to this error.

Here is a solution to this problem.

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