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REASONS TO VISIT StorageEdge at SPTechCon 2012 - CA - USA

  1. Develop your skills and enhance your expertise, establish effective techniques and practices to optimize SharePoint!
  2. Discover optimal externalization schemes, customized archiving, encrypted security measures and more from Storage Edge!
  3. Learn about the growing SharePoint ecosystem and the new opportunities presented by listening to Iqbal Khan from StorageEdge!
  4. Listen to technical and business perspectives of SharePoint administration and management from our staff at StorageEdge!
  5. Watch live demos and presentations to build proficiency for advanced features and components offered by StorageEdge!

StorageEdge is committed to supporting and endorsing the SharePoint community at various platforms including events and tradeshows, either it be North America, Europe, or Australia. You can also find us on youtube, facebook, linkedin, twitter, and digg.

Booth 403 awaits your visit and so does a Netbook, our lucky draw prize. Attend our live demo to enter the lucky draw or download StorageEdge before Feb 24, 2012 from our website.




Improve SharePoint 2010 Performance with RBS

SharePoint provides a great number of applications for collaborating among different company groups or even between different companies. But SharePoint’s popularity has its downside as well. As more people use it, there can be major performance and scalability bottlenecks

There are two potential issues associated with SharePoint 2010. One: Databases can grow exceptionally large because of all the (BLOB) data. Two: Reading and writing BLOBs, as well as other relational data, can slow down SQL Server performance because it’s not the ideal place for storing BLOBs.

StorageEdge helps you overcome the bloated SQL Server database issue and also allows caching of BLOB data which can further improve SharePoint application performance when you use a distributed cache for frequently used BLOBs in the Web front-end (WFE) server memories. This minimizes trips to BLOB storage.

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How to Archive SharePoint Documents for Compliance

Retention and storing of documents for various durations is often a big task for the organizations as they cannot afford any tempering with these documents. SharePoint is a document-oriented solution with but its built-in storage architecture fails to meet the level of compliance needed by the organization.

Availability of RBS providers in the SharePoint architecture can overcome these short falls by separating Blobs from content metadata. A good RBS provider must provide you the “archive” and “retain” capacity at the same time so that you can specify a separate storage.

StorageEdge has been build keeping in view these important considerations and provides customized filtration policies for flexibility and control over when, why and how SharePoint content BLOBS are stored through application of filters.

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How to Reduce SharePoint Storage Cost with BLOB Offloading

Data loses its value once it gets older so why to bear higher cost and sub-optimal utilization of investment into storage structure? Its cost saving to simply offloading BLOBs to an external storage.

BLOBs generally consume 95% of the SQL Server storage in SharePoint which means SQL Server is no longer a high performance resource manager. An effective approach for the storage of externalized BLOBs is to structure the external storage as a hierarchy of multiple tiers in the form of a hierarchical storage management system (HSM).

StorageEdge provides multi-tiered storage that allows you to keep your active content in the most expensive storage and archives older content out to less expensive storage

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