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SPTechCon 2012

Live Webinars StorageEdge!

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StorageEdge has more to offer this Feb just as the month has 29th day to offer this year

Stay Tuned For StorageEdge at SPTechCon 2012 and also it latest version.

Visit StorageEdge at the SharePoint Techonology Conference at the San Francisco Hilton from February 26 – 29, 2012. Discover optimization best practices for SharePoint including externalization, database and storage management, cost effectiveness, secure migration, and more.

Meet with our technology and solutions expert to discuss your platform, your environment, your policies, your budgets, your demands, and all other matters relevant to your SharePoint needs and requirements. Attend our tech-talks and demos and also for a chance to win a netbook via lucky draw.

Alachisoft confirms its commitment to the SharePoint community and looks forward to your participation by visiting us at the booth or website for more about the company and/or product.

Alachisoft gears up to drive the new version of StorageEdge into the market by Feb 2012:

Alachisoft makers of StorageEdge, has hinted the release of new version b y end of January with enhanced and added features. StorageEdge optimizes SharePoint storage by moving all docs/BLOBs out of the database with EBS/RBS and therefore reducing the database size to manageable levels.

The new edition shall be launched after a complete year from its 3.0 version. Each version has been providing the benefits such enhanced performance, cost reductions, high availability, secure content, and simplified migration, but the newer version introduces more than a dozen new features on top.

The new features are driven mainly by the customer feedback to augment more to performance, management, data recovery, policies, migration, and scalability headings.

A formal news release is scheduled for a broadcast soon. For the current 3.0 features, click Here.




Challenges of SharePoint Backup and Recovery:

More the volume of the Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in SharePoint, more the time required in completing backup. Increase in the size of BLOBs in the content database results in never-ending backups which ultimately lead to performance loss, inefficient use of resources and also data loss.

Although, SharePoint provides a set of tools for backup and recovering, but experience tells that these tools don't help a great deal especially when it comes to documents level or granular recovery. A deeper analysis reveals that BLOBs are the actual reason that aggregates the limitations of these tools provided by SharePoint.

StorageEdge provides a much better and sophisticated approach to SharePoint backup and recovery by separating the content database from BLOBs. BLOBs are backed up separate, resulting in performance.

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HTML Payload and SharePoint Performance:

Enhance performance of SharePoint by reducing the HTML Payload. Larger the HTML Payload sent to the browser, greater the time taken to display. HTML Payload depends upon the numbers of it's constitute elements. The two key elements which may become the bottleneck for SharePoint performance are:

  1. View State
  2. CSS & JavaScript

So what to do to get performance boost? The answer lies in the out-of-box solution provided StorageEdge, whereby its caches View State on WEF server and sends a much smaller payload to the user's browser. As a result your page performance improves and SharePoint also scales much better Read more

Data Security of Externalized BLOBs

We can optimize the SharePoint storage by moving all docs/Blobs out of the database with RBS/EBS. But failure to give due consideration to the security, these externalized Blobs can expose your valuable content to various threads.

External storage medium to which BLOBs are externalized, though offer some security measures, but these are not enough considering the size of the content.

StorageEdge has been build with precisely this requirement of Externalized BLOB security and provides first layer of security to the externalized BLOBs. Some of the elements which StorageEdge offers to perform this task include,

  1. Encryption of content
  2. File Shredding
  3. Compression
  4. Encrypted File Name

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