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Alachisoft at TechEd 2012

Alachisoft thanks its customers and all the visitors for stopping by StorageEdge booth at the TechEd America in Orlando. In case you missed, you can once again find us but this time, in Amsterdam at TechEd Europe from June 25 – 29.

StorageEdge was delighted to be part of this event as it provided an opportunity to demonstrate to the visitors the comparison and leading edge of its product. StorageEdge is already offering bundled feature modules which other RBS providers are catching up to. Visitors were very pleased to witness the extensive set of customizable features as well as ease of configuration. Alachisoft anticipates the same response from TechEd Europe.

According to Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist and founder of Alachisoft, "If you’re a serious SharePoint user, you’ll want a lot more control and flexibility over BLOB handling and storage than currently offered. StorageEdge implementations of RBS works perfectly fine and addresses SharePoint database size issues with 100 percent native .NET and not a patchwork of Java and .NET, which can cause compatibility issues. ”

Alachisoft once again thanks the attendees for visiting its booth in Orlando and looks forward to seeing more of its valued customers at the next year’s show.


StorageEdge Articles


Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Streamline SharePoint with RBS

Millions of documents are stored in SQL server in a SharePoint environment which can choke it. In SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft released a native .NET-based Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) interface to help reduce database size considerably. One benefit of the RBS provider model is how it has opened SharePoint for third-party vendors to add more features through their RBS implementations. In this regard, there are four main areas of SharePoint enhancements:

  • Reducing storage costs through multitier BLOB storage
  • Archiving and retaining BLOBs for compliance purposes
  • Linking non-SharePoint document libraries to SharePoint
  • Incorporating in-memory BLOB caching

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Introduction to StorageEdge 3.4 (Screen-cast)

In this video, you will see an overview of StorageEdge through screenshots.

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