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Alachisoft proudly presents Version 3.4 of StorageEdge

Alachisoft is proud to announce release of new version of StorageEdge, 3.4. StorageEdge has been helping businesses and users optimize SharePoint by offloading BLOBs onto various storage options but now, with the new version, users can do much more including the following:

  • Archive and Retain Docs for Compliance
  • Link External Docs to SharePoint
  • Reduce costs with Multi-Tier BLOB Storage
  • Compress and Encrypt BLOBS
  • Schedule multiple migration slots
  • In-Memory Caching

StorageEdge development and management teams are very happy on 3.4 release and confident that it will further win hearts and confidence of many SharePoint users especially with the new and enhanced set of features added to the list.

StorageEdge has three editions each with a different feature set for distinct market segments. It has a free Express edition with basic features for startups and small offices using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). The Standard and the Enterprise editions come with a free 60 day trial period.

Learn more about StorageEdge 3.4 or click for free trial.


SP Tech2012

StorageEdge meets face-to-face with people at SPTechCon 2012

Alachisoft was delighted to meet face-to-face with many of the people who’ve made StorageEdge a success. The StorageEdge team had the opportunity to meet and greet customers, prospects and opportunities at the SPTechCon 2012 in California in February end.

Alachisoft premiered its latest version, 3.4 at the tradeshow, launched globally on Feb 27, 2012. The new version has many new features appended to our already enhanced feature list.

StorageEdge team presented and demonstrated their product to the business managers as well as developers from various industries using SharePoint. Visitors at the booth listened to our Technology Evangelist, Iqbal Khan, about optimization of SharePoint Storage and Performance.

Alachisoft also held a luck draw at the close of the event for an Acer net book, for which the company congratulates Stacey Gear.


Download StorageEdge


To Externalize SharePoint BLOBs or Not?

A SharePoint administrator or an application designer is often faced with decision whether to externalize the BLOBs or not, and what architectural parameters to consider while making this decision.

With the availability of frameworks such as EBS and RBS from Microsoft and enterprise solutions built around them such as Alachisoft’s StorageEdge, a lot of buzz abounds the SharePoint admins on offloading the BLOBs out of SQL Server.

There are arguments from both sides. Read the pros and cons of BLOB externalization from here


Which BLOBs to Externalize?

This query generally gets a traditional response that the databases are better suited for small objects while file systems are suitable for larger objects.

Widely held opinion favors externalization of the BLOBs out of SQL Server to inexpensive storage tiers for most of the SharePoint installations using tools like StorageEdge, however, there are certain BLOBs and architectural scenarios which leads an organization to act otherwise.

Click here to find an answer to this query.



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