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Virgin HealthMiles hails NCache!

November 2012

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Virgin HealthMiles hails NCache!

Virgin HealthMiles Virgin HealthMiles found NCache by Alachisoft to be the ideal solution for administering the challenges of rising traffic, as faced by many firms recently. Many company websites face the same scalability bottleneck issues when their ASP.NET applications are managing staggering loads of data requests.

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Alachisoft coming to MS SharePoint Conference 2012

SPC 2012 Alachisoft announces its participation in the Microsoft SharePoint Conference America to be held from November 12-15, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Alachisoft is delighted to be part of this industry-leading event and even more excited to present StorageEdge, an RBS solution. Built on previous and SharePoint 2010, StorageEdge promises to strengthen your SharePoint ROI by assisting in offloading BLOBs onto cheaper storage tiers with various filtering options to help improve user experience and bandwidth.

The event is hosted by Microsoft, the leading event for business and IT professionals from all over the world. For more information on the conferences, visit SharePoint Conference.

Alachisoft sincerely looks forward to seeing its valued customers at the event, as well as meeting new ones. Find us at booth#867 to discuss more.

How to Configure Preloading in a Distributed Cache?

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Today's applications need to scale and handle extreme levels of transaction loads. But, databases are unable to scale and therefore they become a bottleneck. To resolve this, many people are turning to in-memory distributed cache because it scales linearly and removes the database bottlenecks.

To find out how in-memory distributed cache can help you in removing the database bottlenecks, read more here.

Configure ReadThru and WriteThru for NCache

NCache Tip

NCache facilitates the way you synchronize your database with NCache and keeps the data consistent and reliable in the cache. NCache has various features to help you do this. Let's see how we can use the ReadThru, WriteThru and IsResyncExpired features of NCache using the sample program name "Directory" that comes with the installation of NCache.

Here is a simple procedure to configure ReadThru and WriteThru for NCache.

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