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NCache Cuts Grocery Outlet's Item Search Time

December 2013

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Case Study: NCache Cuts Grocery Outlet's Item Search Time

Grocey Outlet

Grocery Outlet is the largest grocery extreme-value retailer in USA. Grocery store is using NCache as a distributed caching solution to speed up its in house searches. According to Grocery Store team, NCache cuts application search time to a blink of an eye. The search time reduces from 3 sec to 0.2 seconds. Read about the views of Grocery Outlet's team in this case study.

Article: Synchronize Distributed Object Cache with SQL Server 2008/2012

NCache Articles

NCache lets you cache data closer to your application in the middle-tier so you can reduce expensive trips to the database. When you have the situation where other applications are modifying data in the database and not updating the cache, then you need a mechanism for the cache to be able to synchronize itself with the database directly. Read through the article about synchronizing NCache with SQL Server using .NET event notifications.

Tip: How to Monitor NCache Cluster

NCache Tips

Monitoring behavior of cache cluster is an important part of improving application performance. NCache provides extensive set of performance counters for cache server and client performance statistics. Read a tip from Alachisoft Support about NCahce Monitoring.

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