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NCache Provides Critical High-Availability to Moonpig

October 2013

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News: Alachisoft team at JavaOne 2013

JavaOne 2013

Alachisoft is pleased to announce that it attended JavaOne 2013 at San Francisco, USA. It was a five day event. JvCache was showcased at this event and received a very warm response from the visitors. JvCache, being native Java In-Memory Data Grid, boosts application performance and provides scalability and high availability.

A team lead by Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft, attended the event and provided valuable information to the attendees. There was a lucky draw at the end of event organized by our team and the winner received an AR. Drone 2.0. More details are available at News and Events.

Article: Synchronize NCache with Relational Databases

NCache Articles

When you cache application data, you are creating a copy of data in the memory that also exists in your relational database. And, if the data in the database changes, you want to make sure the cache is also updated so it is always consistent with the database.

Learn how NCache provides a powerful data synchronization feature which enables the cache to update itself when data changes in the relational database.

Case Study: NCache Provides Critical High-Availability to Moonpig

Moonpig Logo

Moonpig is an online e-commerce site that receives more the 2.5 million visits per month. Therefore, maintaining session data was a critical task. They started off with ASP.NET in-built features to keep session data which complicated the issue and affected the website performance significantly. To solve these issues they turned to NCache.

NCache allows Moonpig to maintain very crucial high-availability for their high traffic website by storing their ASP.NET sessions in reliable and replicated distributed cache storage. Read more about what Moonpig's Technical Experts have to say about NCache.

Tip: How to Take Down a Cache Server for Maintenance

NCache Tips

Maintenance of a server in cache cluster is a difficult task and needs caution in order to remove the threat of data loss. If a cache server requires maintenance, the whole cache should not be required to shut down. NCache allow individual cache servers to be taken down for maintenance without having to shut down the entire cache.

Here is a tip from Alachisoft support to help you in taking down single NCache server for maintenance without losing data and affecting other nodes in the cache cluster.

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