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Using Read-through & Write-through in NCache

March 2013

In this issue

NCache exhibited at DevWeek2013!

DevWeek Alachisoft thanks its customers and all the visitors for stopping by NCache booth at the DevWeek in London.

NCache was delighted to be part of UK’s biggest independent conference for software developers, database professionals and software architects, thereby maintaining a strong connection with the developer community in enhancing the features set and benefits of distributed cache. Features of NCache were demonstrated at the booth and Iqbal Khan, senior technology evangelist, answered questions of visitors on spot.

Alachisoft once again thanks the attendees for visiting its booth in London and looks forward to seeing more of its valued customers at the next year’s show.

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Using Read-through & Write-through in Distributed Cache

Download Now With the explosion of extremely high transaction web apps, SOA, grid computing, and other server applications, data storage is unable to keep up. The reason is data storage cannot keep adding more servers to scale out, unlike application architectures that are extremely scalable (Distributed Cache) provides a number of efficient and intelligent mechanisms for searching the cache for all types of data stored in it.

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